• Listing Optimization

    • SEO optimization for Amazon listings. We create listings that are optimized for SEO and sell more products.
    • Title creation with the most important keywords added for the best chance of ranking for competitive keywords.
    • Bullet points written by our in-house copywriters trained on ensuring all keyword phrases are in your listing for increased sales and visibility.

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  • Step One

    Just fill out the "Get a Quote" form and we will get in touch with you to discuss how we can best help you with your Amazon listing optimization. We want to evaluate your situation and ensure we can provide the best results for your product to set you up for success.

  • Step Two

    We get started on keyword research to provide relevant traffic to your listing. If you're launching a new product, we'll discuss our advance Amazon listing optimization techniques with you. We systematically combine search recommendations, top seller data and your PPC search term data to find the best keywords to add to your listings. This is the foundation for success.

  • Step Three

    We check indexing for all the keyword phrases we've added to your listing to ensure increased sessions and conversion rate. This additional sales velocity increases rank and allows you to crush your competition.

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Amazon PPC

Why Us?

Knowledge: Our team has had years of experience on Amazon and have an understanding on what works and what doesn't. We've been split testing for awhile and make our decisions based on data.

Amazon Copywriters: We have Amazon copywriters that understand how to bring out the features and benefits of the product, but also speak to the emotion aspect of a purchasing decision. We conduct in-depth product, market, and keyword research to better understand what your customers want.

Visibility Focused: Our goal is to maximize visibility of your listings. Our proven approach maximizes your listings visibility in search and increases the conversion rate (how many people buy when they land on your listing).

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