• Scalable Amazon PPC Management

    • We manage a multitude of SKUs and keyword data using our software technology, data analysts and data directly from AMZ.
    • We reduce PPC costs with small & large clients to increase profit margin for your or your client's businesses.
    • Large or small, we can help you to scale your sponsored product ads or AMS to become profitable so you can rake in the cash every month. We typically work with accounts with a minimum advertising budget of around $750/month or more.


How It Works

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  • Step One

    Our Amazon PPC management service begins with scheduling a "discovery" call to better understand your business needs and how we can boost your product visibility and reduce your advertising costs. We want to evaluate your situation and ensure we can provide results for your product and campaign.

  • Step Two

    We get started on keyword research to provide relevant traffic to your listing. We systematically combine search recommendations, top seller data and your PPC search term data to get you the lowest cost bids. This is the foundation for success.

  • Step Three

    We start to manage and monitor your ad performance to ensure all performing keywords are scaled to at least break even profitability. This additional sales velocity increases rank and allows you to crush your competition with high performing Amazon advertising.

“Easy low monthly rate per SKU with discounts as you grow!"

Amazon PPC

Why Us?

Scalability: We have the team and automation processes to be able to manage a multitude of keywords on a granular basis which is simply impossible for a human to oversee effectively. We believe that this is the best and only way anyone should do Amazon sponsored ads management.

On-boarding: We have a comprehensive on-boarding process that makes it easy on you and provides us the info we need up front so we don't go back and forth with you, causing delays to get up and going.

Technology: Our PPC technology is based on factual data and keywords from AMZ, which is managed by our team of Algorithm and Data Nerds. Working with us for your Amazon ad management frees up your time so you can focus on what you're best at in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Team


Ben DeVries

As a successful Amazon seller, Ben also offer Amazon sales consulting services including PPC/Sponsored Ads, listing optimization and keyword research. He also has extensive knowledge and expertise in the e-commerce world and helps businesses with visibility and e-commerce solutions that fit the business size and scale. He maintains his industry leading edge by daily personal growth and continuous education in an ever-evolving field. He currently resides in Colorado with his wife and 2 children and continues to inspire others with his story and commitment to the success of others.

Steve Patenaude

As an early adopter of Web, Steve started an Internet service provider business in the mid-90s, then became a partner of a Web agency that created a Web content management tool in 2001 before the likes of Wordpress came to be. He has overseen Web marketing teams working on SEO, Facebook ads, and Google AdWords projects. Since 2014, Steve used his analytical skills to help over 100 sellers with their Amazon advertising (PPC and headline ads).

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