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What could expert help mean for your Amazon business? Our team consists of Ben & Charity, Nate and Paul who are 7 figure sellers who have been through the trenches so you don't have to. Through our Amazon coaching and mentoring services, we've gained extensive experience helping new sellers grow into wealthy brand owners. With an Amazon FBA mentor at your side, you can finally expand and dominate your market.

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What Customers Are Saying About The Sharks

  • Coach: Ben & Charity DeVries | Client: Brian Abbott

    " Ben and Charity have been instrumental in helping us establish and grow our business. They've helped us build our customer-facing web presence and implement back-office tools and strategies that have helped us scale much faster than we could have without their help. In a way, they've "future-proof" our business so that we can respond to both opportunities and challenges quickly. That makes our customers happy, and that makes us happy. Techknow is a trusted partner in our business."

  • Coach: Paul Baron | Client: Jeremiah Benedict, Sherry and Patrick Duncan

    "We are ASM7 students and partnered together. Paul and Rachelle were INVALUABLE. We wouldn't be successful without them, from navigating shipping territory, they've been holding our hand from every step of the process. They helped us with the product photography phase. We've been selling double digits ever since they've helped us out!"

  • Coach: Nate Mchenry | Client: Drew Loftin

    "This is a top-notch service you can’t do without. First of all, I wouldn’t be in this business without them. I was introduced to the idea of selling physical products on Amazon by Nate a little over a year ago.
    The mentors involvement in the overall process was crucial to our growth. They provided the guidance and support we needed throughout every step of the way, from the product search to the launch of our product."

This Isn't Your Average 'Seller Coach'...This Is Much More

What makes an Amazon selling coach qualified to do their job? In our opinion, it's proven success. We have access to launch data from a multitude of successful launches. 

We have access to listing, graphic design, photography, and keyword strategists responsible for building some of the largest private label brands on Amazon.

We have built a powerful in house launching platform responsible for helping Amazon sellers grow their businesses.

Our Amazon FBA coaching service is not one of theory and concept. Our FBA coaching experts aren't here to give you so-called “expert strategies” and leave you high and dry to figure out how to execute it on your own. We strive to help sellers become successful.

We are genuine guys with extensive experience in the Amazon coaching game. We've helped sellers grow their businesses by working with them to build a custom designed strategy to success and walking alongside the client through the execution of that strategy.

Our goal is your success!

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If you are..

Stuck: Having a hard time increasing your sales or improving BSR.

Confused: Not sure why your listing is not converting, getting clicks, seeing sessions, ranking on page 1 or getting reviews.

Lost: Not sure if your product idea is going to be lucrative. Not sure how to build a beautiful product and high converting listing. Not sure how to achieve ranking. Not sure what tool set needed. Not sure what are rumors and what is truth from the noisy "gurus" out there.

Tired: Not hitting the sales you anticipated getting after launch. Tired with your current pace of growth (or steady decline).

Ambitious & Ready: Ready to get on the fast track to success. Ready to have you and your business profitable. Ready to take your business and sales to whole other level!

If any one of these describe you, it's time to consider getting a coach and working with the P3 Sharks!

How Our Expert Amazon Coaches Help You Achieve Success

ANALYSIS: We have an extensive on-boarding process and get to know you and your business to better understand where you are at and what your goals are as an entrepreneur. What does your team look like? What resources do you have available? What kind of business are you looking to build? Are you currently outsourcing? What does success look like to you?

STRATEGY: There are critical principles to achieving success on amazon. Get them wrong and you will be working harder, not smarter. Your seller coach leverages their vast array of data and years of experience to build a killer strategy outlining the necessary path to success. The coach takes all of the information gathered in the analysis and on-boarding stage to make sure you have a plan of attack that fits you and your business perfectly.

EXECUTION: This is where the rubber hits the road. In this stage your coach comes along side you to properly execute each step of your strategy and monitors progress in our project management system. Your coach is extremely knowledgeable of the best tools available to sellers to help you work through each step of your strategy.

SUCCESS: Our focus is on your growth and success implementing the same strategies we've built in our businesses to become 7 figure sellers. Your coach focused on your success for the long run. They are not here to simply help you check the boxes in your strategy’s to-do list, and give you a pat on the back. Your coach will help you execute each step, making informed decisions targeted to helping you achieve success on the platform. Your coach is onboard until you are happy with your sales and your results.


Our goal is to get on a discovery call to discuss your individual situation. Is your product in a competitive niche. Are there keywords we can go after that are less competitive and that will get you traffic until we can go after the more competitive keywords. We've analyzed hundreds of products and markets so have learned how to find out what shoppers want and how to ensure we have an established Unique Selling Proposition and customized gameplan to move our business forward. 

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    We would love to jump on a call with you to discuss your goals. We'd like to devise a plan specific to your needs and situation. Our goal is to make this a win-win partnership. We look forward to talking with you!

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