• Product Launches

    • Rank Amazon products and get more visibility and sales for your product by leveraging our audience of Amazon Shoppers.
    • Increase sales velocity and history to improve keyword ranking on Amazon and ultimately Increase Keyword ranking.
    • Stand out from the competition by getting a steady increase of traffic and conversions over a 12-14 day period which skyrockets rankings.


It's time toon Amazon.

What is a Launch?

A Product Launch is a discounted promotion over a 7-14 day time period that is leveraged to increase your sales rank on multiple keywords. More than just focusing on the basics of Amazon keyword ranking, we target keywords that more people are searching for AND buying your products with on Amazon. This laser-focused Amazon keyword research ultimately gives you more views on your listing, clicks into your listing and increased sales so you can beat your competition!

Keyword Research

Our first goal when we rank Amazon products is to dial in your best keywords and ensure you are indexed for them. When we create the Amazon product launch campaign you'll gain visibility for the keywords that lead to sales. We also ensure your most important keywords are in the title to increase rank for your most important high-volume keywords.  

Dial In Amazon Buyer Audience

Next, we dial in the audience that is most likely and relevent to purchase your product. Since a buyer profile matters, we want to ensure we have the top quality purchasers to give you the best bang for the buck for the purchase. All buyers aren't created equal, so why not get more ranking juice from premium buyers?

Dominate Competition

Once everything is dialed in for your Amazon product launch, we pull the lever and watch your rankings increase over the 7-14 day period. We also recommend a PPC campaign to help you sustain your rankings by providing more full priced sales during the launch. We can also help you set this up to ensure sustained visibility and success as part of our product ranking services. 

Launch Examples


Actual Ranking Screenshots During Our Launches.

“Get Ranked and Dominate Your Competition!"