• Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Setup

    • Facebook messenger chat bots are a great tool to increase rank, get more reviews and build a digital asset to launch future products to.
    • Messenger marketing is like the "wild wild west" right now. Open rates are around 90% and click through rates 75%. With email, you are lucky if you get 25%.
    • We've been building out Facebook messenger chat bot flows for years and split testing what works. We can plug this into your business model so you can start engaging with your customers.


The New Email Marketing

Facebook messenger bots stats

Grow your List

Messenger bots are a great way to grow your list and engage with your audience. After messenger marketing optimization, you'll be truly unstoppable.

Key Benefits

Inexpensive Leads

You can collect emails inside your bot and even automatically get the email attached to the Facebook account.

You can broadcast a message or set up a sequence to warm up your audience or provide value.

Get Reviews on Autopilot

Get reviews from your happy customers. Email auto-responders aren't as effective as they used to be since many people are opted out. Get in front of your customers to request reviews.

Key Benefits

Get reviews for under $1.00 per review.

Claim reviews from happy customer who didn't see your auto-responder due to being unsubscribed.

Stay ahead of your competition with an increased review rate.


Rank Your Products

Messenger bots are one of the best and inexpensive avenues to increase rank by delivering targeted traffic that is already "pre-sold". This is all withing TOS. We are driving qualified traffic to Amazon to buy our products. 

Key Benefits

Rank your Products to Page 1 and keep it there.

Turn the lever up or down based on current rank.

Outsmart your Competitors. They will wonder what you are doing to spike your BSR and rank!

All jargon and technical mumbo-jumbo aside, a Messenger Chatbot is a series of predefined messages that are sent to a subscriber based on his/her activities within Facebook Messenger.

These predefined messages are called “flows.” And even though this might sound a bit scary, here’s a simple example of how it all works: Let’s say that you sell some kind of kitchenware. And to everyone who buys it, you give a free eBook with delicious recipes as a bonus.

To get that bonus, your customer just need to send a message to your FB page, or to comment on a specific post with “Got it!”

Now, here’s where the fun starts.

Once a chatbot software gets triggered by that action, your customer will start getting a series of predefined messages, designed with the end goal to get them to leave a review.

Something like this:

Chatbot: Hi, this is Michael from Kitchenware Kittens. Thank you for purchasing one of our products. As a gift, we’re sending you a free recipe book filled with delicious meals you can prepare for you and your family.

Would you like me to send you a download link?

Customer clicks YES.

Chatbot: Great. Here’s the link to download your free recipe book.

Customers clicks YES. Ok great, enter your email here and we will send you a copy of the PDF!

This is an example of a simple flow that I made up right now as I’m writing this.

You receive a customers email address, messenger subscriber and SMS if you wish. It’s that easy. (Once you know and understand how to do it, of course.) And if all this sounds familiar to you, that’s because it is.

This is very similar to what you can do with emails. So, the question is, why am I making a big deal out of this?

You see, even though email is still a powerful channel (and you should have it as a part of your marketing mix), it’s not what it used to be.

From year to year, the open rates and click-through rates are dropping. 20, 15, even 10 years ago you could get a high open rate with emails - high as much as 80%. Now, you’re considered an email marketing genius if you can pull off 25-30% open rate.

Compare those stats with this: We are currently getting 97% - 100% open rates on our flows. That’s right. 97-100% open rate and over 70% click-through rate from a messenger chatbot!

Can you imagine what it would mean for your business if 95%+ of all the people you have on your list would actually SEE your message? Can you imagine it?

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It's time toon Amazon.

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